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Information for competitors




Download registration form, fill in, send to your teamleader or directly tu us: Registration ends on 15th June 2022.

Time schedule

Monday 25th July                      camp is open, arriving of teams

Tuesday 26th July                     arriving of teams, free time

Wednesday 27th July               arriving of teams, free time

Thursday 28th July                   technical controls

Friday 29th July                         technical controls, testing sections open,                                                                       16:00 - preparation for DRIVERS PARADE                                                                       (queue)                                                                                                                                 16:30 - start of DRIVERS PARADE                                                                                     17:00 - EUROTRIAL opening in village Sumiac                                                               (cca 2km from camp),                                                                                                          20:00 - welcome dinner in camp

Saturday 30th July                   8:00 - 18:00 - competition

Sunday 31th July                      8:00 - 18:00 - competition                                                                                                results


Map and GPS coordinates

- after click on button "Google maps" you will be navigate to the campsite                                                                                                      GPS camp: 48.819083, 20.134861                                                                                                                                                                              GPS sections: 48.817647, 20.131046

Information about camp

- about 5 minutes of walk from sections                                                        - showers and toilets                                  - drinking water                                            - electricity                                                    - shop - cca 2km from camp                      - snackbar - from Wednesday                  - price - 10€/night (whole week 50€) - children until 14 for free, it includes entry fee to the race area                                               - parc fermé                

Race area

Race area is located in a mine in a small village Šumiac - Červená Skala. The place is very nice and large. This location gives us a lot of opportunities to build up interesting sections for all categories. You may see it on the photos and videos from our Slovak championship. However, the terrain will not look exactly like this. As the mine is still active, last shooting off will be done few weeks before Eurotrial. Interesting fact – Červená Skala means Red Stone. Who knows why 🙂


WELDING AREA - WITH electricity

Tips for trips

Chmarošský viadukt                                                                                          

- technical monument near to Cervena Skala (10km)

Hiking - Kráľova Hoľa (altitude 1946m) – start is in Červená Skala --- Šumiac (blue tourist sign) --- Kráľova Hoľa, lenght: 5,1km, altitude rise: 1066m

Or you can rent e-bike ---


Meadow full of ground squirells (Lúka plná sysľov)

Take some biscuits, apples, or older bread and come to feed our little friends.

GPS: 48.756605, 20.071717

Dobšinská Ice Cave – 18km far from Červená Skala

-        One of the most famous ice caves in the world

High Tatras – about 40 km

There is so many posibilities, so many tours, hiking, attractions. You can choose here:

-        the highest mountain in Slovakia, the most beautiful tours for weak tourist and also for profesionals, mountain lakes...