offroad european championship

Site information


Camp and race area facilities:

- camp is closed area and will be secured from Monday 28th July till Sunday 3rd August
- there will be a snack bar in the camp, menu and prices here
- electricity available up to 250kW for a camp and 80kw for a party tent (750m2)


- containers with 3x4 showers placed in 100m distance from camp
- water tank with capacity 8000L of drinking water
- 20 toilets in a camp area and 20 in a racing area
- health service (medics) ready from Friday 1st August till Sunday
- car maintenance area with electrical supply 240V and 400V
- 6 more catering tents during racing days
- 12 members of the technical committee ready for acceptance procedure
- 64 section marshalls
- 8 heavy cranes and dozers ready for extricating stuck cars



Free time activities:

- bus trips to various parts of Slovakia
- Helicopter sightseeing flights
- horse riding